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Simplify your attendance system with LEDGERS. Geo-location and facial recognition based solution with integrated payroll module.

EmployeeID Version
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Easy To Use

Simplified employee onboarding into attendance system. Just enter name, email and phone to get started.

Facial Recognition

Check-in and check-out using facial recognition technology with > 99% accuracy rate in seconds from any smartphone.

Geo-location Data

Provide the flexibility for employees to check-in and check-out with geo-location on web-app or smartphone.

EmployeeID Solution

EmployeeID helps businesses deploy an integrated attendance solution across multiple branches at a fraction of cost.

Fully Secure

Advanced facial recognition technology recognises the employee automatically based on KYC photo.

Photo & Location

Attendance record is captured and stored with timestamp on the cloud with photo, location and device data of the employee.


Configure shift types based on designation and seniority. Supports multiple-shifts & check-ins on the same day.

Payroll & Compliance

In addition to attendance and leave management, LEDGERS also provides a host of other features to simplify HR management.

Payroll Processing

LEDGERS can automatically process payroll for your employees using the attendance data.

HR Compliances

LEDGERS can help you easily manage HR compliances relating to TDS, ESI, PF and Professional tax.

Performance Improvement

LEDGERS can help you enforce and track various HR policies that are customised to suit your business requirements.

Unbeatable Proposition

Implement the EmployeeID attendance solution for your business to save money and improve performance.


No hardware to deploy, maintain or manage. Works on employees' smartphones any computer with webcam.


Costs less than traditional systems to deploy and maintain. No per unit or per location cost for deployment. No AMC or setup fee.


Can easily process 1 or 1000s of employees concurrently without any errors or issues. Pay as you grow your business.

Attendance Mobile

Access EmployeeID app

The LEDGERS android app allows employees to easily check-in and check-out of office in minutes using facial recognition.

  • Digital identity card for employees
  • Three second attendance process
  • Master switch to stop attendance

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