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Integrated Tax Compliance

LEDGERS invoices are designed to be error-free and compliant with the latest tax rules with an inbuilt rule-engine, ensuring they're always correct and tax-compliant. This means no errors and a stress free tax filing process for you or your accountants.

Payment Gateway Integration

LEDGERS invoices makes getting paid - fast and simple. Invoices generated on LEDGERS can automatically have an embedded payment link or UPI QR codes. LEDGERS allows your customers to pay you quickly and get receipts instantly.

Payment Reconciliation

LEDGERS invoicing is integrated with a powerful payment reconciliation engine that can reconcile payments through bank account or payment gateway. When you get paid, LEDGERS automatically updates the accounts statement and issues receipts.

Invoicing & Payment Reconciliation

LEDGERS invoicing and payment reconciliation solution allows your business users to create and share, error-free invoices quickly and easily, from their phone, computer, or using our API service. Delight your customers with an error-free invoicing and payment reconciliation solution with embedded payment processing capabilities to collect payments faster.

Invoicing Payment Reconciliation

Beautiful Accounts Statements

LEDGERS invoicing with integrated payments reconciliation engine, offers a streamlined approach for businesses to prepare and share error-free account statements with customers. LEDGERS customer accounts statements are user-friendly and comprehensive, detailing all invoices, payments, credit and debit notes, including pending and overdue invoices. This clarity not only presents a professional image to customers but also significantly enhances the efficiency of collections and simplifies the reconciliation process.

Manage Recevaibles & Collect Faster

LEDGERS allows business users to effectively track receivables from customers. The automatic reconciliation feature aligns all payments against outstanding invoices, providing a real-time, customer-wise receivable report, including aging analysis. This immediate access to up-to-date receivable information empowers business users to swiftly identify overdue invoices. Moreover, the inclusion of embedded payment links in invoices facilitates quicker payment collection, streamlining the process. By leveraging LEDGERS, businesses can enhance their financial management and improve cash flow.


LEDGERS billing and invoicing solution allows businesses to create and share error-free invoices quickly and easily from phones, web browser or via an API service with embedded payment links or UPI QR.

LEDGERS has an inbuilt rule-engine that ensures all invoices that are created are error-free and compliant with latest tax rules - ensuring accuracy and simplifying the tax filing process.

Yes, LEDGERS allows you to create invoices from your phone, as well as from a computer or through an API service.

Invoices generated using LEDGERS can include an automatically generated embedded payment link or UPI QR codes, allowing customers to make payments quickly and receive instant receipts.

LEDGERS has a powerful payment reconciliation engine that reconciles payments through bank accounts or payment gateways, automatically updating accounts statements and issuing receipts upon payment.

Yes, LEDGERS is designed for easy integration with major payment gateways, making the setup process quick and simple.

By embedding payment links or UPI QR codes in invoices, LEDGERS facilitates faster payments from customers. We support all major payment gateways.

Yes, LEDGERS automatically updates your financial records, accounts statement and issues receipts when payments are received, ensuring your accounts and receivables are always up-to-date.

Yes, LEDGERS offers API integration, allowing for seamless invoicing capabilities within your existing business systems.

Yes, you can generate GST e-Invoices from LEDGERS by activating eInvoicing. By ensuring that all invoices are GST compliant - you can automatically file GSTR-3B & GSTR-1 return directly from LEDGERS.


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